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Do Private Schools Produce More Productive Workers?(Human RESOURCE Development) (Report)

Do Private Schools Produce More Productive Workers?(human Resource Developm

  • 📁 Category: Economics 📄 Artist Name: Pakistan Development Review 📎 File Size: 309.73 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 1999-12-22T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Do private schools produce more productive workers?(human resource development) (report) - The rapid growth of private educational institutions in the country and positive response of the parents in sending their children to these institutions is important developments in this sector. It will affect the health of education both positively .. Read More »

Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Best Hacks to Make You More Productive, More Effective, and More Innovative

Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Best Hacks To Make You More Productive, More

  • 📁 Category: Management & Leadership 📄 Artist Name: Taylor Haskins 📎 File Size: 124.27 KB 🎖 Price: $2.99 📅 Release Date: 2017-12-27T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Work smarter, not harder: the best hacks to make you more productive, more effective, and more innovative - Do you feel like you’re always running, but you never reach the finish line? Like no matter how hard you work or how much you hustle, you still aren’t within grasp of your goals? You wish for more time in the day or a more understanding boss or l .. Read More »

Punctuate with Perfection: Master Punctuation so You Can Produce Clearer, More Professional, and More Authoritative Writing Using Easy-to-Read Explanations and Techniques

Punctuate With Perfection: Master Punctuation So You Can Produce Clearer, M

  • 📁 Category: Writing 📄 Artist Name: Anthony Kelleher 📎 File Size: 203.47 KB 🎖 Price: $0.99 📅 Release Date: 2017-03-06T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Punctuate with perfection: master punctuation so you can produce clearer, more professional, and more authoritative writing using easy-to-read explanations and techniques - Punctuate with Perfection will bring you from your current level of punctuation ability to perfection. Would you like to write in a clearer, more authoritative fashion? Do you want to know exactly how to use colons, semicolons, dashes, and hyphens? T .. Read More »

The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Selected Public Schools, Seventh Edition

The Manhattan Family Guide To Private Schools And Selected Public Schools,

  • 📁 Category: Consumer Guides 📄 Artist Name: Victoria Goldman 📎 File Size: 2.22 MB 🎖 Price: $37.99 📅 Release Date: 2016-01-08T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • The manhattan family guide to private schools and selected public schools, seventh edition - This is the best and most comprehensive guide to Manhattan’s private schools, including Brooklyn and Riverdale. Written by a parent who is also an expert on school admissions, this guide has been helping New York City parents choose the best privat .. Read More »

Indian Club Exercises and Exhibition Drills - Arranged for the Use of Teachers and Pupils in High School Classes, Academies, Private Schools, Colleges, Gymnasiums, Normal Schools, Etc.

Indian Club Exercises And Exhibition Drills - Arranged For The Use Of Teach

  • 📁 Category: Sports & Outdoors 📄 Artist Name: Henry B. Camann 📎 File Size: 1.88 MB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2020-12-01T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Indian club exercises and exhibition drills - arranged for the use of teachers and pupils in high school classes, academies, private schools, colleges, gymnasiums, normal schools, etc. - Indian clubs', or 'Iranian clubs' belong to a category of exercise equipment used for developing strength, and in juggling. In appearance, they resemble elongated bowling-pins, and are commonly made out of wood. They come in all shapes and sizes howe .. Read More »

Private Institutions and Business Power in Global Governance (Transnational Private Governance and Its Limits ) (Business Power in Global Governance ) (Private Institutions and Global Governance) (Book Review)

Private Institutions And Business Power In Global Governance (transnational

  • 📁 Category: Politics & Current Events 📄 Artist Name: Global Governance 📎 File Size: 317.54 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2008-07-01T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Private institutions and business power in global governance (transnational private governance and its limits ) (business power in global governance ) (private institutions and global governance) (book review) - Graz, Jean-Christophe, and Andreas Nolke, eds., Transnational Private Governance and its Limits (London and New York: Routledge/ECPR Studies in European Political Science, 2008). Fuchs, Doris. Business Power in Global Governance (Boulder, CO: Lynn .. Read More »

Time Is Money: A Simple System To Cure Procrastination Without Willpower, Become More Productive, Find Your Focus & Get More Done In Less Time!

Time Is Money: A Simple System To Cure Procrastination Without Willpower, B

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Aiden Nolan 📎 File Size: 843.88 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2015-09-09T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 563 peoples
  • Time is money: a simple system to cure procrastination without willpower, become more productive, find your focus & get more done in less time! - Do you have a procrastination problem? Do you ever wonder whats “wrong” with you? Ever wonder why you just don’t seem to have the willpower needed to get things done?In Time Is Money, you get a step-by-step system to accomplish your goals with .. Read More »

How to Be More Productive and Make More Money

How To Be More Productive And Make More Money

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Beau Norton 📎 File Size: 270.69 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2016-06-07T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 26 peoples
  • How to be more productive and make more money - Want to know the secrets of the high achievers? Look no further than this simplified guide. No fluff. Just the important stuff you need to know to become massively successful in your life.You'll learn how to be more productive and how to make more mo .. Read More »

Local Development, Proximities and Productive Encounters: The Case of Development Dynamics in the Region of Toulouse/Developpement Local, Proximites Et Rencontres Productives : Le Cas des Dynamiques de Developpement Dans la Region de Toulouse.

Local Development, Proximities And Productive Encounters: The Case Of Devel

  • 📁 Category: Social Science 📄 Artist Name: Canadian Journal of Regional Science 📎 File Size: 274.32 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2009-06-22T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Local development, proximities and productive encounters: the case of development dynamics in the region of toulouse/developpement local, proximites et rencontres productives : le cas des dynamiques de developpement dans la region de toulouse. - Abstract The first part of this contribution underlines the necessity of proposing a "dynamic" definition of what a territory is, and suggests characterising territory as an "active" combination of different dimensions of proximity. This analysis lea .. Read More »

Organizing Schools for Productive Learning

Organizing Schools For Productive Learning

  • 📁 Category: Education 📄 Artist Name: Shlomo Sharan & Ivy Geok Chin Tan 📎 File Size: 423.38 KB 🎖 Price: $84.99 📅 Release Date: 2008-06-27T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Organizing schools for productive learning - This book offers an alternative approach to secondary school organization. In line with the definition formulated by John Dewey's philosophy of education, the new approach aims to promote productive learning. The book shows the way to extricate schoo .. Read More »

Asian Development Bank - Linking with the Private Sector Toward Seamless Connectivity; Welcome Remarks by, Lawrence Greenwood, Vice President, Operations 2Asian Development Bank, At the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Business Development Forum

Asian Development Bank - Linking With The Private Sector Toward Seamless Co

  • 📁 Category: Business & Personal Finance 📄 Artist Name: ENP Newswire 📎 File Size: 82.32 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2010-08-04T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Asian development bank - linking with the private sector toward seamless connectivity; welcome remarks by, lawrence greenwood, vice president, operations 2asian development bank, at the central asia regional economic cooperation business development forum - ENPNewswire-4 August 2010-Asian Development Bank - Linking with the Private Sector Toward Seamless Connectivity; Welcome remarks by, Lawrence Greenwood, Vice President, Operations 2Asian Development Bank, At the Central Asia Regional Economic Coopera .. Read More »

Private Developers Help Squeeze in More Desks for City Schools

Private Developers Help Squeeze In More Desks For City Schools

  • 📁 Category: Investing 📄 Artist Name: The Real Deal 📎 File Size: 52.88 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2008-01-02T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Private developers help squeeze in more desks for city schools - Byline: John Tozzi The biggest obstacle to building schools in New York City now is not money or political will -- it's simply finding the real estate. .. Read More »

Dee-Fense! Dee-Fense!: Preparing for Pandemic Flu; Federal Research, Economic Incentives for Industry, And a More Responsive Regulatory Regime will All be Necessary to Produce a Timely and Widely Available Vaccine.

Dee-fense! Dee-fense!: Preparing For Pandemic Flu; Federal Research, Econom

  • 📁 Category: Engineering 📄 Artist Name: Issues in Science and Technology 📎 File Size: 224.99 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2006-06-22T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Dee-fense! dee-fense!: preparing for pandemic flu; federal research, economic incentives for industry, and a more responsive regulatory regime will all be necessary to produce a timely and widely available vaccine. - Vaccination to prevent viral and bacterial diseases is modern medicine's most cost-effective intervention. Were a vaccine to be available quickly after the onset of the widely predicted pandemic from an H5N1 strain of avian influenza, it might save s .. Read More »

Be More Productive with the iPhone Mail App

Be More Productive With The Iphone Mail App

  • 📁 Category: Computers & Internet 📄 Artist Name: Ted Mitchell 📎 File Size: 1.94 MB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2015-02-12T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Be more productive with the iphone mail app - Most people understand the basic functions of sending and receiving emails on the iPhone. However, do you ever feel like there are so many other capabilities you are not using? This is a straightforward, simple, and easy-to-use guide for anyone that .. Read More »

Why Small Interactions Matter; An Experienced Chief Executive Tells Leaders How to Make Every Workplace Encounter More Productive and Engaging (Survey)

Why Small Interactions Matter; An Experienced Chief Executive Tells Leaders

  • 📁 Category: Business & Personal Finance 📄 Artist Name: Gallup Management Journal 📎 File Size: 66.79 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2011-08-25T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Why small interactions matter; an experienced chief executive tells leaders how to make every workplace encounter more productive and engaging (survey) - Byline: A GMJ Q&A with Douglas Conant, former CEO of the Campbell Soup Company and author of TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments Synopsis: All conversations with employees are valuable, says Douglas .. Read More »

Photographic Memory: Your Complete and Practical Guide to Learn Faster, Increase Retention and Be More Productive with Beginners and Advanced Techniques

Photographic Memory: Your Complete And Practical Guide To Learn Faster, Inc

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Travis O'Ryan 📎 File Size: 307.59 KB 🎖 Price: $9.99 📅 Release Date: 2021-05-05T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 5 / 7 peoples
  • Photographic memory: your complete and practical guide to learn faster, increase retention and be more productive with beginners and advanced techniques - Can you imagine how much more you would accomplish if you had a photographic memory? Have you ever questioned why you can run into somebody and remember his or her name while run into another but cannot? How about why you cannot seem to remember .. Read More »

Perfect Phrases for Conflict Resolution: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Encouraging a More Productive and Efficient Work Environment

Perfect Phrases For Conflict Resolution: Hundreds Of Ready-to-use Phrases F

  • 📁 Category: Management & Leadership 📄 Artist Name: Lawrence Polsky & Antoine Gerschel 📎 File Size: 6.01 MB 🎖 Price: $6.99 📅 Release Date: 2011-06-03T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Perfect phrases for conflict resolution: hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for encouraging a more productive and efficient work environment - THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIMEConflict in the workplace is inevitable. When you have the right words and phrases at your command, you can quickly resolve any disagreement—and prevent it from spreading into an uncontrollable f .. Read More »